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A million years ago a single hole in the bones of the body could not be resolved by scientists.

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-12-12
One million years ago, there was a single hole in the skeleton. Scientists could not understand it. 
Is there really such a thing in forbidden archaeology? This event which is not supposed to be 
discovered will be rewritten later when we find it.

Although many people are not willing to accept this fact, but some abnormal findings make it 
clear the history of these things really happened, and we as to why these abnormal events will 
happen in those days completely not landed. We actually don't know a few thousand years 
ago, the ball in the end what had happened, but the answer appears in front of us. Some 
people think that this is an unbelievable discovery, while others think that they have no solid 
background information, but this may make the mainstream scientists have long maintained 
his faith with a shake.

Researchers from Russia said, one of the prehistoric bison are found to be inopportune or 
inappropriate gun shooting, but the only surprise is its age. The bison skull with a bullet hole 
and it remains now displayed in the Moscow Museum of paleontology, in the skull can see a 
perfect circle and, it is said that this is caused by the high speed bullet impact.
The researchers believe that even if they never found the bullet remains, but the skull hole and 
we use today's bullet caliber is very similar. Even more surprising is that this animal native to 
Eastern Siberia Jaccoud Qi (Yakuzia) area, and this is a more than thirty thousand years 
before the events that we in the end! In the history of missed what? Thousands of years ago 
have highly advanced civilizations exist? In our so-called "modern history" before?
Another strange case is what we call "Janeane de Te Hunter (Neanderthal Hunter)". In 1921, 
British Museum received a strange case found in the human skull. Located in Zambia 
(Zambia) a remote zinc ore, formerly known as Northern Rhodesia (Northern Rhodesia). The 
workers accidentally found a mysterious cave. The cave is full of human remains, which gave 
us "this place should be a prehistoric cemetery" impression.
Looking for bones is a very clumsy process, at last only a few bones will fall in the hands of 
researchers, but in the bones, the researchers found that what we call the Broken Hill (Broken 
Hill Man) or Rhodesian (Man of Rhodesia). At first, the skull was classified in Heidelberg 
(human Homo heidelbergensis) category, the researchers because of its size and even doubt 
whether or not it is belong to us. After many careful investigation, researchers finally put the 
broken hill or Rhodesian African pedigree into Neanderthals.
This is also one of the situations that we can't understand in the scientific field. What do you 
believe in it? Is it possible that the history we know is wrong, and thousands of millions of 
years ago, there may be highly advanced species on the earth?