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The robot will quickly grab 800 million people's jobs and these jobs have the greatest impact

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-12-01

Data map: on January 5th, at the Las Vegas consumer electronics show, the Honda "Uni Cub" 
robot was displayed in the robot exhibition area. Xinhua News Agency / Law
[global network reporter Zhang Ao] report "by 2030, the world will have more than 800 million 
workers lost their jobs because of robotics and automation, this number is equivalent to today's 
global workforce of more than 1/5." Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post >11 29 April 
quoted Peng Bo agency depict this prospect.
This conclusion comes from the latest report from McKinsey's research department, covering 
46 countries and more than 800 occupations.
The consulting company 29 said that both developed and emerging countries will be affected. 
If automation technology spreads rapidly in the workplace, machine operators, fast food 
workers and backstage employees will suffer the greatest impact.
Reported that McKinsey Global Research Institute (MGI) research found that even if the rise 
of robots is not so fast, then in the next 13 years, about 400 million workers may be 
automatically replaced, and we need to find new jobs.
However, those who have been replaced can work hard to learn new skills. They are engaged 
in providing health care, technical experts, gardeners, and so on for the elderly.
"As time goes on, we all need to change and learn to do something new," Michael Chui, a 
partner at the Research Institute in San Francisco, said in an interview.