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A power jack tomorrow deliver precise positioning can look for a needle in the ocean

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-11-30
On the 30 th of this month, China's 4500 meter manned submersible, the deep sea warrior, will be 
formally accepted and delivered. It has the world's advanced control system, and is expected to 
serve the marine scientific research in the next 30 years.
A new generation of submersible control systems issued by the official edition.

Deep sea warrior has the world's advanced control system, this control system has released the 
official version on the day before. This means that in the future it can be used in all types of 
diving, also lay the foundation for China being built million meters submersible level. If we imagine 
manned submersibles into intelligent beings. Like a biological control system of the brain and 
nervous system. Whether it is smart?
Zhu Puqiang, director of the research project of the control system of the deep sea warrior.
For example, what is the posture of underwater vehicle under water, how to run forward, how to 
work and how to hovering, it has a good control. In addition, the car is also developing to 
driverless or automatic driving, and our submersible has the ability of automatic driving.
China self-developed level meters full of deep sea submersible, is expected in 2020 to the depths 
of the oceans of the world. Mariana Trench dive ten thousand meters deep, dark, temperature 
drop, submersible per square centimeter to bear pressure of 1.1 tons. How to ensure the three 
oceanauts safety is the underwater vehicle control system the most critical issue.

First, the advanced collision avoidance system can ensure that the submersible can brake when 
it meets obstacles in deep sea. In addition, if the submersible is leaking, the control system can 
turn off the hydraulic system to protect the main body of the submersible.
Zhao Bing, a pilot of the deep sea warrior, manned submersible.
To make a 20 ton manned submersible in the deep sea environment, to overcome their own 
inertia and current disturbance, realizes the control accuracy of plus or minus 20 cm at the bottom 
of the sea, this is a very challenging problem. We designed and improved repeatedly, finally 
verify the control the accuracy of our system and control, is able to meet the design needs.
The sea can achieve precise positioning of the needle
In addition to the autopilot, the emergency brake, prevent the Water Leakage outside, the design 
of a new generation of underwater vehicle control system is the most cattle with navigation, can 
look for a needle in the ocean.

Zhu Puqiang, head of the control system of the deep sea warrior, manned submersible control 
For example, to hydrothermal areas, to these operations, or do the abyss seabed culture, we put 
the equipment there, need second times or to reach that position, so this is equivalent to a look 
for a needle in the ocean.
Thousand meters deep, vast. After 3 generations of technological innovation, new submersible 
navigation control system finally realized under water. Trial member Zhao Bing introduction, 
"deep sea warrior in twenty-second marine dive, one of the task is to find the nineteenth mark.