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Scientists found that at least seven super earth, exactly verifying the Fermi prophecy 50 years ago

chinatopwin chinatopwin 2017-12-04 09:56:56
Just a few months ago, a previously unknown to the public the red dwarf caused a sensation in the
world of astronomy, instantly became the brightest celestial world attention. Before the cosmic 
records, we can see a common red dwarf records are very few, because it is clearly in the 
universeis a drop in the bucket. Generally, to study it even scientists are not willing to put more 
time into the low.

However, history is at a turning point now. Now astronomers have discovered that at least seven
planets that are highly similar to the earth on the red dwarf star suddenly make everyone look up
to the planet.

We all know that the universe in recent decades scientists have been trying to find a habitable 
planets in the universe, but basically each task is accomplished is not smooth, and now suddenly
the red dwarf, the scientists will undoubtedly ignite the hearts of hope. It also shows that from 
the side, not alone life on earth exist in the universe, the planet probably had its advanced 
extraterrestrial life.

As early as fifty years ago, the Fermi scientists predicted that the universe exists with highly 
similar super earth planets, and there is a great probability of other extraterrestrial life. When 
most scientists think the Fermi prophecy is not realistic, but after fifty years, the scientists 
found was verified he said before.
So after uncovering the real face of the red dwarf, scientists are very excited, and super earth 
has come out.

Although it can not rule out other advanced civilization to thrive in the planet, but on the other 
side is worth our happy, so the detection research on these super earth next, will become the 
focus of the work of scientists, the distance of human migration to the outer space the day is 
not far off, go to another planet in the universe point the day and await for it.