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Technology rewrite life: a large wave of unattended retail is on the way

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-08-03
The unretail experience of shopping and cool technology makes it a new trend in retailing. 
Shenlan technology, the bin-fruit box, ali, incredibly home of the family of the home of the 
home of many domestic enterprises to layout.

Network CEO Yuan Bin rt-mart flying cow told the China enterprise news reporter, no retail is a 
must to deep field solidly, to deeply understand customer needs, long-term, continuous to 
develop, not cheat some investment by gimmicks and stories. Otherwise, even if companies 
now have a "sound wave" in this area, they won't necessarily gain a competitive advantage 
over the long term.
The application of smart technology is widespread
On July 27th, the first unattended convenience store of the family, EATBOX, opened at the 
heart of the shopping center of the century. Through on-site experience, the reporter found 
that, entering the EATBOX shopping, the process was roughly divided into three steps. 
Product identification; To pay.
But and other "box" is not the same, into the shop, there are two doors, diet food home 
technology chief wang lei told Chinese enterprises newspaper reporter, "this is the original 
EATBOX design, when the first door closed, the next door to open, the goal is to prevent others 
followed, ensure the safety of the user." The exit is still double door design, through face 
recognition, can go out.
As you can see from EATBOX, all products are tagged with RFID tags. And ali's "tao coffee" 
and "the fruit box" also use RFID technology. For the use of RFID technology, there is a sound 
view that pasting RFID tags can lead to cumbersome processes and increase operating costs. 
According to wang, the cost of each RFID tag is about 4 cents. With the upgrading of the 
technology and the expansion of the store, the EATBOX will gradually adopt the mixed scheme 
of RFID + visual recognition.
Soochow securities chief securities analyst Hao Biao analysis, said no retail now there are 
three main route technology solutions: one is the artificial intelligence genre, mainly adopts 
machine vision, depth, sensor fusion technology, convolution neural network learning 
algorithm, such as biometric technology; The second is the Internet of things, mainly using 
RFID tag technology. Three is the Internet school, mainly using the qr code to complete the 
identification of goods. At the same time, he also believes that different technical schemes 
have their own characteristics.
No retail prospects are encouraging, and black the blessing is to let the splendor of science 
and technology, but there are in the field of retail analysts argue that no retail technology 
solutions there are still many problems to be solved, such as still need to improve recognition 
rate, anti-theft technology still needs to be improved.
The front technology of unattended convenience stores, such as commodity recognition, is a 
big concern. Chen zilin, founder and CEO of the bin-box, believes that compared with 
technology, the back-end operation maintenance is the more important part of the unattended 
convenience store.
And Yuan Bin also told reporters: now the RFID technology and image recognition technology, 
have reached the popularity of the landing point, technically it should not be a big obstacle, 
and the gap of technology sooner or later have to catch up.
To this, the China electronic commerce research center director cao lei, also thinks no 
convenience store shelves display, from the door of the identity authentication, payment, to 
commodities and shelf management, category management, all need to rely on technical 
support, of course, the capacity is also very important.
Test the backstage support system
Following the sharing of bikes, unattended convenience stores became the capital's biggest
hope. When technology is no longer the central issue that impedes the development of 
unattended convenience stores, the operational capacity of the back end or the life and 
death of a convenience store is determined. Who can make a profit first, who can copy and 
spread the pattern quickly, who can acquire the capital and become the "unicorn" of the 
So now, what are the companies that are going into unattended convenience stores? What 
genes and labels do they have? As a representative of e-commerce giant into unretail, it has 
brought high technology, such as big data, cloud computing, biometrics, artificial intelligence, 
, alibaba group CEO Zhang Yongceng said ali does not want to open cafe, supermarket and 
so on, more is to want to make the innovation, finally and cooperation partners, to upgrade 
to help others. According to sun hanjie, a publicist at taobao.com, the company has no 
commercial plans yet. It can be seen that tao coffee will also carry on ali's platform thinking 
and make the output of technology or infrastructure.
The box is the capital driven type, the capital of the capital, qiming venture capital, source 
capital, etc., with the silver of the white flowers, the scale of 5000.
And EATBOX has the dominant gene of traditional retail, and the diet family behind it is a 
subsidiary of incredibly, the high-end supermarket. EATBOX shares logistics, manpower, 
supply chain and other resources in the supermarket.
While the terminals of unattended convenience stores have lowered manpower, the 
backstage requires a very strong support system, especially the supply chain.
Diet food has twenty years' experience in retail, CEO of amway English told Chinese 
enterprises newspaper reporter: no convenience, low-cost, main boost revenue method 
is to rely on the competitiveness of the commodity and profitability, form a complete 
supply chain. After opening the shop to a certain extent, the average daily turnover of 
1500 yuan can be profitable.
This means that unattended convenience stores can generate scale profits only if they 
achieve large-scale chains. However, the multi-store operation that the scale brings will 
also test the unattended convenience store. Yuan Bin thinks, as there is no convenience 
store expansion, the background of supply chain, the rapid supply of the goods as well 
as the standard of the whole scene maintenance, and immediate feedback of anomalies 
tests the capacity of unmanned convenience store.
He also said that with FMCG supply chain advantage, to use big data to further study of 
customer needs, and in a timely manner to improve systems and processes of defects 
that have the comprehensive ability of the company, have the opportunity to get a better 
It is important to note that for some layout unmanned retail enterprise, "no" is not its core, 
by big data grasp customers' shopping habits, the use of big data in precision marketing 
and intelligence operations is also a very important purpose.