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Researchers in the United States have developed new equipment that can ease back pressure on users

chinatopwin chinatopwin 2017-08-04 09:15:55
According to foreign media reports, the United States at Vanderbilt university assistant professor 
Karl Zelik said he "had to often see iron man Tony Stark and batman Bruce Wayne, etc with 
lifting capacity of super suit of bored", so he decided to doctoral Erik Lamers cooperative r&d a 
mechanized equipment. While this does not allow wearers to fly or have amazing abilities, it is 
likely to ease their back pressure temporarily.

Last week, researchers at the international society of biomechanics in Brisbane, Australia 
conference announced their findings, the two parts of light equipment by nylon canvas, lycra, 
polyester and other materials. The two bands move down from the top and back and are 
connected to the natural rubber pieces below.

Usually, the bands remain loose. However, when users are about to perform actions like 
bending or standing, they can be used to manipulate them twice or using a supporting 
application in the chest portion of the device. Once meshed, those belts will release pressure 
from the lower back.
In lab tests, eight volunteers wearing equipment, lean forward, up 25 pounds and 55 pounds 
(11 kg and 25 kg) weight of goods, at the same time keep in 30, 60 degrees and 90 degrees. 
The researchers found that using the suit reduced the lower back extensor activity by between 
15 and 45 per cent on average in each task.