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  • Author:Selina
  • Release on:2016-11-08
It seems to me that there is no major thread concerning propellers (for planes, multicopters ...
 not rotors for helicopters, that are very specific).
Subjects are
1) Static thrust versus rpm and power absorbed versus rpm
2) Dynamic behaviour, in-flight unloading, propulsion efficiency. Zero thrust air velocity. Zero 
power air velocity.
3) Data for several brands (APC, GWS, Aeronaut, Graupner, MAS, Mejzlyk, Biela, Xoar, 
Falcon, T-Motor , EMP, Vess, Gemfan ... and certainly a lot more)
4) Generic formulaes, influence of diameter, pitch, rpm, chord, blade area ...
5) Freeware and software for propellers data
So I try to launch a new thread. To be updated regularly.
If you(admin) think that there is a good existing thread I could join it.
Maybe a thread "Propellers data and software" could become "sticky" ?

I was asked to embed in Scorpion Calc (with a propeller little menu) to have some Falcon 
props in the library.
So I received some Falcon CF to test.
I attach here my first data. There are deduced from practical testings on my little bench.
("L shaped", similar to Dr Kiwi, limited to 4000 gf of static thrust, not dynamometric, no wind
 tunnel, Power Supply, Medusa PowerAnalyzer Pro, PC linked).
Absorbed power(Power Out) is computed from Power In minus computed power losses (iron 
losses, copper losses and estimated ESC losses).
Parallelly to that I am reading a lot of informations coming from different sources.
APC propellers tables, Scorpion, Cobra ... charts, UIUC documents, RCG tables (Dr Kiwi), 
Martyn Mc Kinney, Yomgui ... messages and replies. Propellers freewares ..
I try to consolidate different results to get coherent data and generic formulaes.
I am open to discuss and compare. I hope feedbacks.

Here attached are some graphs concerning my first Falcon CF testings
(four Falcon CF -E props, other to follow .. up to my bench limit)