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Life to build a "eye" - worm FAST chief scientist, chief engineer Nan Rendong

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-11-20
Nan Rendong in the wo Dang construction site (July 19, 2013 photo). The National Astronomical 
Observatory of CAS for map

[time pioneers]
Lam deep alone. This is not clear, Nanrendongdi several times to enter the Guizhou Province 
mountain Pingtang County, few people tread. He once again come, only that a scientific dream.
Looking at the sky, as an astronomer, Nan Rendong is very clear, many from the universe 
marginal signal, has experienced a long journey tens of thousands of light-years, perhaps at this 
moment, he looked across the earth. This contains a clue revealing the mysteries of the universe, 
Nan Rendong is keen to build a scientific research in China Jack earth. To capture these signals, 
let our country on earth in the history of astronomy and then draw a thick.
Come and go, and back again, he found the ideal placement in the landscape Jack Tai Wo 
County of Guizhou Province, Karst Pingtang Taipa depressions. This 20 years, powers "eye" 
project was finally completed.
In October 10th this year, the National Astronomical Observatory of Chinese Academy of 
Sciences published Ren Dong Nan presided over the construction of the this research in China 
-- weighing 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope (FAST) to obtain the first results of.FAST 
telescope to dozens of high-quality pulsar candidates, including 6 stars through international 
However, before the results released on September 15th, as the chief scientist FAST, chief 
engineer Nan Rendong died.
Open the "eye" era of agitation
"After the completion of the FAST telescope, I think we can start to carry out systematic research 
on the pulsar." during his lifetime, Nan Rendong told his students have expressed this desire in 
the East. The pulsar, produced by evolution and supernova stars, extreme physical properties 
with ground laboratory was implemented in the laboratory the ideal of astrophysics, the study 
hope to get many important physical problems and answers, there are many applications, for 
example, the star's rotation cycle pulse is extremely stable, accurate clock signal for the detection 
of gravitational waves, provides an ideal tool for spacecraft navigation and other major science 
and technology.
It took 22 years, a simple idea into a weighing country, the achievements of the Chinese project in 
the world the one and only Nan Rendong, from the young go to old age, illness finally took him to 
witness the "eye" news of opportunities.
Beijing time 23:23 on September 15th, because of a sudden deterioration in lung cancer, rescue 
invalid, died.20 Yu Ren Dong Nan days, the news came, "radio telescope eye" the Chinese 
designed and manufactured found 6 new pulsars, for the first time in our country still belongs to 
the East. At this time, in the life has stopped, the main architects of the the project, can not wait 
until the news came.
He regrets? Not to answer people Ren Dong Nan, and he fought together in the answer for him.
"FAST will have the hope of finding more accurate timekeeping millisecond pulsars, the pulsar 
timing array detection of gravitational waves to make original contributions." in the release of the 
new achievements, the National Observatory researcher FAST engineering, deputy chief 
engineer Li Di has carried on the forecast to the future of FAST. "While further validation, 
optimization of scientific observation mode, continue to stimulate astronomy the FAST found that 
as soon as possible and strive to build a world-class level of telescope equipment"
Li Di believes that FAST found the pulsar in the debugging stage is, thanks to the planning and 
technical reserve personnel, early science very fruitful and shows the FAST independent 
innovation capacity of science, open the China radio system to produce original scientific devices 
found intense era. "10 years later, the South beauty teacher" Chinese eye "will be known to all." 
he said.
In the eyes of Chen Xuelei, a researcher at the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese 
Academy of Sciences, even if he didn't wait until the day he produced the scientific results, "when 
the south teacher left, he must know very well that his career had been successful."
I try to pay on the "eye in the sky"
In 1993, the scientists learned in Japan Tokyo International Union of Radio Science Conference, 
before the global wave environment continues to deteriorate, receive more information from 
outer space, the construction of a new generation of "radio telescope", Nan Rendong sit still, he 
could not bear China in this field and then being dumped under and we must seize this 
opportunity to catch up.
He said: "in the construction of Chinese within 500 meters in diameter, the world's largest single 
aperture radio telescope." this is a very bold vision, is not only a strict scientific engineering, or a 
great difficulty of construction, involving astronomy, mechanics, mechanical engineering, 
structural engineering, electronics, measurement and control engineering, geotechnical 
engineering and other fields even.
"People have their own equipment, we do not have, I want to try it." this is in the east of question 
answer. This a try, let the diameter of 500 meters, an area equivalent to 30 football fields, 8 of 
the "bird nest" stadium Chinese "eye" as he always tie him down.
In order to location, south teacher was all over the all depressions there. "Ren Dong Nan 
students, FAST receiver and terminal system senior engineer Gan Hengqian recalls, at that time,
 with more than 300 pieces of Ren Dong Nan satellite remote sensing map, China southwest trek 
in the mountains," the mountains without even the path of local farmers walking is hard. "
When the circular in Tai Wo Taipa depressions appeared in front of him, think all the difficulties the 
previous Ren Dong Nan, the value of all.
The FAST for the construction of "Wo Dang" -- a few hundred meters of the valley surrounded by 
mountains surrounded by electromagnetic wave just blocking outside. The world's first large radio 
telescope, can observe pulsars, neutral hydrogen, etc. these black holes during the formation of 
the universe, and the signal capture may come from extraterrestrial life.
Location, project, feasibility study and preliminary design, editor of scientific objectives, research 
and model test of the key technical guidance, after 22 years, led the team to the final completion 
of Ren Dong Nan "Chinese eye".
"FAST is like his hand up like a child, he looked at it step by step from concept to concept, from 
concept to plan, to the blueprint, living reality to again." FAST project feed support system deputy 
chief engineer Li Hui recalled that in 2014, the feed support tower installation starts, Nan 
Rendong was determined to be the first to climb all the tower. After the completion of the final, 
he does a person go up, "he in their own unique way to embrace the telescope!"
In September 25, 2016, 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope (FAST) completed. Compared 
with the so-called ground biggest machine the Bonn 100 meter telescope, about 10 fold increase 
in sensitivity; than human being named in twentieth Century the first ten projects of the Arecibo 
telescope "305 meters, to improve the overall performance of about 10 times.
The old South can't be forgotten"
Now, when people came to Guizhou, Pingtang County town of grams of this remote town of 
Qiannan, and then through the narrow mountain road, eyes will be attracted to a diameter of 500 
meters of white steel ring, that is the largest in the history of the FAST telescope of the beam, 
and at this time, the name will be Ren Dong Nan people continue to adhere to the here is 
The "old South" is their heart of the "father" nickname. FAST works with the feed support system 
as deputy chief engineer of the peak of the pan, he is a "to suit pocket biscuits, forget to eat, take 
out has knead with dregs of the old man."
"Old South" is also a time for FAST, a "workaholic." "in that office, we often go to work at three or 
four in the morning and Ren Dong Nan teacher." Gan Hengqian recalled as students Ren Dong 
Nan FAST fighting day and night could not help feeling.
"Do a large scientific projects, mostly without precedent, a central figure in the south, the teacher 
is such a role. He is the core promoter of technology, is the team to grasp the new technology the 
fastest, from the macro to grasp the technical details, not to worry about him. To progress in the 
report the project, never had any error, and every time one hour earlier at the meeting, to be a 
level beyond imagination. His student Yue Youling recalls his teacher," he is a scientist in 
scientists "
Today, his colleague Zhang Haiyan is still difficult to accept the fact. She died Ren Dong Nan 
always thought I could see that seem to know everything, love smoking, stubborn softhearted 
"father, can hear Ren Dong Nan shouted his name in the office next door. But this time, the" old 
South "really" walk ".
From simple funeral, not to hold a memorial ceremony, this is his last wish.
"He did not use the language taught me to be honest, kind-hearted, optimistic to face the disease, 
there is no language taught me to work hard, dedication, excellence, no language taught me to 
selfless dedication, fame. System engineering Yang Qingge FAST feed engineering support said," 
 but he, action is better than speech ."