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China Railway Design Award Beazley best design Award Finalist

chinatopwin chinatopwin 2017-11-21 09:39:18
In the new network on November 20, the news of Hunan (correspondent Zuo Pengjiang Yang 
Min) recently, the news came from overseas, the car Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research 
Institute Limited (hereinafter referred to as "China Zhuzhou") independently developed the 
world's first intelligent rail freight train (hereinafter referred to "By train of Chi" has successfully 
nominated Beazley for the annual design awards sponsored by the London Design Museum. "
(BeazleyDesignsoftheYearAwards), an intelligent train model has been designed at a London 
museum officially open to the public." Awarding Beazley Award Finalists, Innovation Training and 
Designing Intellectual Products, They are an excellent affirmation and actively explore urban 
movement, showing that China's independent innovation on the world stage is gaining recognition 
and recognition.

As one of the most prestigious awards in the world, the Beazley Design Awards were held for ten 
sessions, nominated works broadly, involving architecture, digital technology, fashion, graphics, 
products and transportation and six other categories. Award "to solve real social problems in 
design, creative industry to bring thinking." Selection perspectives, successful submissions are 
outstanding representatives of a rich sense of design and innovation, can reflect the latest design 
trends or make a positive attempt to solve social problems in the world. For example, at Harvard 
University, the Wyss Institute invented the "organ system", which won the Beazley 2015 Best 
Design Award, the project is to replace the in vivo pharmaceutical industry and a highly 
controversial ethics, additionally known by the public High tech products - TeslaModle3 produced 
by Tesla, a commercial electric vehicle giant, was also qualified for the Beazley Design Award 
2016 for transport projects
The "Beazley 2017 Best Design Award Award" is an intelligent, China's transport rail, an excellent 
representative of green innovation. It utilizes auto tracking, Zhuzhou original traction tracking, 
active safety rail control technology, real time Ethernet translation, permanent magnet traction 
with the most advanced rail transport technology, high performance, energy savings, flexibility and 
other advantages. as well as investment in travel around the city. Publication published since 
June 2 this year, Chi trains have received wide attention at home and abroad, national media 
coverage, CNN television, Singapore television, etc. Foreign well-known media have also been 
repeated June 10 23-25, experience in the field of intelligent railroads - experience in testing the 
opening of the Zhuzhou Shen Avenue line, attracting daily people, the Xinhua news agency More 
than 50 media coverage on the spot, more than 3000 passengers carried out the experience of 
railway train of wisdom
Beazley Award for the design that China Zhuzhou independently developed the world's first 
intelligent train is urban traffic as an innovation, has an elegant and unique style, the world's first 
track following a number of intelligent technologies and energy-saving features, brings the future 
of intelligent urban traffic.