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Do people decompose when they float in space after death?

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-11-27
Although the number of people in the world to travel into space less than 550 people, but the idea of space travel seems to have been attracting people all over the world. They are full of imagination and interest in space, on Mars, what life would be like? We will find another life form? What is the fate of our galaxy? These and many other questions are still unanswered, but new problems are appearing every day.

With more long-term space travel brighter, more and more people want to know what will happen if you die in space? Whether you are dead in the long journey, or out of control in space walk, or just in the drilling vacuum without a suit case. That's exactly what will happen to you? The body breaks down? Will freeze? Or explosion? The answer is simple: according to your death, you will be frozen, withered, rotting or decomposition. Usually in this case, other crew members will need to find a way to store or on-site disposal.
Perhaps every day you dream of living in space, but you don't want to die in there. Perhaps the most basic situation that let us die from space, if we don't wear spacesuits come out from the spacecraft. First of all, you will have 15 seconds to 2 minutes of life time, during this period of time and because of the lack of pressure, your body in the water will begin to swell. If you hold your breath of air in the lungs dilate, your lungs will burst, you will soon die. If you hold your breath, you can keep awake for two minutes. Almost instantly, cosmic radiation will burn your skin. But you the death is very likely due to suffocation.

Now, a body on the Earth starts to decompose, and because bacteria internal air bacteria started the decomposition process of long time. But in space, without oxidation, so freezing in the body (if you are not near the heat source) or the Mummy (all the water will be sucked out of your body) before, does not decompose if your body is made of a mummy, then all biological processes will soon stop, so your body will not happen again split. These two processes can occur very quickly, but the body may be frozen or mummies in the universe sail for millions of years, and then met another object or power.
However, if you're wearing a space suit, the situation will be different. The suit will contain all the astronauts breathe air exhaled (even though oxygen, no suitable components to prevent suffocation), if there is enough heat, death and death on earth spacesuit will not have any difference. Then the occurrence of bacteria in the interior of the body and the conventional decomposition bacteria, although the bacteria will soon run out of residual oxygen. At this time, the anaerobic process will dominate all of this, so bacterial respiration will be converted to fermentation.
The space suit, slowly decaying bodies in space quietly floating, but this is not the ultimate fate. Finally, the radiation around you will begin to break down a space suit material. This process may take several years or even longer, but in the end, when the air pressure inside the spacesuit is released, the rapid expansion of the air will cause a small explosion, destroying spacesuit and decaying body. If there are victims of spacecraft during the long trip, what will happen? The death occurred first consideration is the rest of the crew's safety. The body decomposition is a biological hazard, in a spaceship closed atmosphere, release the gas decomposition process, odor and potential pathogens even if not fatal, it is not pleasant.

Although NASA has not publicly released emergency plan for this kind of incident, but a corpse disposal decided to leave the space shuttle commander decided. The most reasonable solution is to place the body on the pressure of a space suit, it will not stop the decomposition, but will limit the exposure in the exhaust gases. At this time, the body is likely to stored in the coldest place, like a submarine (as stored late seafarers, this is the most near the submarine torpedo in the cold part). Of course, one of the more morbid choice is abandoned body into space, rather than long-term storage. Anyway, as mankind toward space exploration, after all finally, people will die of the solar system in the vast space.