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Humans are naturally afraid of snakes and spiders found 6 months baby show

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-10-24
A new experiment by European scientists has found that babies who are only 6 months old are 
nervous when they see pictures of snakes or spiders, suggesting that fear is human born, not 
For fear of snakes and spiders is a common phenomenon in modern society, although many 
people have never seen wild snakes or poisonous spiders. Some scientists think that when 
people grow up, learned to fear these dangerous animal, some people think that this is the 
evolution of "instinct engraved" in the human brain, does not need to learn. After the 
experiment is for adults or older children, fear of snakes or spiders cannot measure whether 
the image will directly stimulate the instinct.

The German Marx Planck human cognitive and Brain Sciences Research Institute scientists 
report that they show the size and color of the same picture to the 6 month old baby, a part of 
the picture is the flowers, fish, other pictures is a spider or a snake. The results showed that 
when there's a spider or a snake, baby the pupil was significantly larger.
The researchers say the light conditions are the same mydriasis, brain norepinephrine system 
activation, an important sign of stress reaction. That is to say, the baby before learning ability 
of fear, fear of spiders and snakes. Related papers published in the latest issue of the U.S. 
magazine < frontiers in psychology.
In addition, studies have shown that the same deadly threat to human bear tension, rhinos and 
other mammals pictures did not cause the baby. The researchers say this may be because 
these mammals and human ancestors coexist in a relatively short time, evolution had time to 
build a fear response directly. Similarly, to teach children not to play with fire, play the knife or 
a touch switch, you need to spend more effort.