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Face recognition is science fiction products? French media: in China, just a part of life

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-10-23
Reference News Network in October 23 the daily media said, from the toilet paper holder to the 
fast-food restaurants, travel and crime, Chinese widely used face recognition technology in many 
areas of the behavior of lead in the world.
Agence France-Presse in October 18 published an article entitled "face recognition is not China 
in science fiction products? > reported that Shanghai and other China city have recently started 
to use face recognition technology to catch those who violate traffic regulations in Shanghai. 
Some crossroads jaywalkers will see your image in near a large screen to their shame, in public, 
they must pay a fine of 20 yuan to make their own image to disappear from the screen.
A woman surnamed Wu, a 42 year old hospital, said: "I can accept that. Fouls can eventually be 
caught in public. I think it's a way of law enforcement"
Police said the face recognition technology made the country safer. Recently, during the Qingdao 
International Beer Festival, the police applied the "face recognition system" to the security 
work, and the effect was remarkable
Park managers in Beijing's Tiantan Park walked further, and they installed face recognition 
devices in the park bathroom early in order to catch people who stole toilet paper, the report said
The report said that if someone came back soon to get more toilet paper, they would be 
recognized, and their machine would politely refuse and give the following advice: "please try 
again later.""
Reported that the Beijing Normal University installed face recognition device to ensure that only 
the students can enter the dormitory. The bank began to use face recognition in automatic teller 
machine instead of bank card, tourism and entertainment industry also saw the opportunity China 
Southern Airlines to dismantle the boarding pass and support the use of face recognition system 
this year.
The report also noted that in the Chinese Kentucky operators introduced "smile payment" system, 
allowing the meal in the KFC restaurant customers through facial recognition system and Alipay 
is paying the bills. Back in Shanghai, the government launched a facial recognition system to 
help identify people on the street -- mainly the elderly and sick -- plan, let them with my dear 
family reunion.
Driving the face recognition system is only part of a broader high-tech strategy, the report said
Reported that the Chinese government announced in July to become the world leader in the 
field of artificial intelligence in 2030, to build a nearly 150 billion U.S. dollars of local industry 
development plan
The report quoted Yue Lin, a professor at Shanghai Univer law school, as saying that this trend 
was driven mainly by Chinese technology companies such as Alibaba and Baidu
French media said, "the commercial development of face recognition will not stop. The way the 
enterprise works has changed the way the government works"