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Great! Technology will make the terminator liquid robot appear in life

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-09-15
Technology media news network September 14th I believe we have seen the movie terminator 
will be on the opposite side of the liquid metal robot is impressive, the instant change of powerful 
functions and self repair in different poses and with different expressions are deeply shocked 
everyone. That everyone want to own and operate this kind of robot. And now we wish is 
expected in the future true.

According to the latest foreign technology news reported that the movie terminator > in the robot 
is expected to appear in people's lives, the Belgian scientists have developed a way to self 
reorganization, merger, split, or even to modular robot self repair. The results of this research 
have been published in Britain in 12 days < > nature communications magazine.
It is understood that the results of this research was done by Marco Drigg and his colleagues at 
VUB-Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium researchers. They designed a modular robot can 
adjust its shape: the split and merge, forming a new robot independent entity, and according to 
the appropriate shape and size of the task or environment. Their nervous system machine can 
also split, merge and maintain sensorimotor control.
Press 12 from the British "nature communications journal learned that the robot system research 
show in the magazine this mainly consists of 10 units. In the 10 system is composed of the 
robot, we can even remove or replace the components including brain disorder, cell dysfunction.
 In order to achieve self repair. However, the researchers also said that the system can also be 
easily extended," their potential functions include lifting and moving object detection, "drigg said.

In addition, the researchers said that future robots will no longer be designed and built on 
specific tasks, and that the new robot system will eventually lead to the production of robots
 that can adapt to different mission requirements.
It is worth mentioning that, as scientists of robot technology breakthrough in the module, in the 
past because of various problems of modular robot coordination and control of shape limit are 
being constantly solved, such as the automatic healing robot "skin" robot module, active 
disassembly and reassembly of various birth control, the idea of mind control of robot, and a 
variety of service robot free exchange, birth sex robot has temperature, has let people see the 
future development of robots, they will be all kinds of things you can do to get people to chat, 
and can not be completed, can master life. Then, the people's lives may be open robot, 
imagine, when that day comes, we live again? Maybe we will have more time to do their own 
love, And make life more tasteful and enjoy life more.