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Einstein wrong? Human discovery gravitational wave signal

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-07-13
A century ago, Einstein predicted that "ripples in space-time", namely the existence of gravitational
 waves.And after scientists claimed that the third time to detect gravitational waves, the scientific 
community appeared some controversy.
Scientists detected last year for the first time the dithering phenomenon of space and time, this is 
known as "the most significant scientific breakthrough of the century".Since then, researchers 
detected gravitational waves twice again.But after data released in February this year, other 
researchers has carried on the detailed review to the results of the detection, and said they found 
unexpected noise in the signal, "these correlations is very strange, should not have been there."
The research team by niels Bohr institute of Copenhagen physicist Andrew Jackson.At the 
beginning of this month, they published the findings.Laser interferometer gravitational-wave 
observatory (LIGO), the scientists measured the result of the interference of two beams, and 
detected by the disturbance of space and time.Gravitational wave is extremely weak, so the 
detecting precision of the LIGO observatory is extremely high, even if the target moving distance 
is only one over ten thousand the diameter of the proton, also can be detected.
In order to guarantee the accuracy of the results, LIGO observatory is divided into two, and only 
3000 kilometers apart.They synchronous operation, to provide double check each other's 
Two detectors to detect the noise should be completely irrelevant, even if the storm happened 
near the a detector, nor in other detectors in the form of noise.The team detected the source of 
part of the "noise" include: "photons like raindrops hit the" hiss "from the light detector; seismic 
rumble and sea water impact the earth's crust, and the voice of the wind shaking buildings."If it 
is found that the gravitational waves, it should be almost at the same time produce similar in 
the two instrument signal.
While Jackson's team points out that in the gravitational wave signal is detected at the same 
time, seemed to produce some noise in the two detectors."Our concern is the main human 
detected the first gravitational wave signal, namely GW150914. We especially pay attention to 
the signals arrive at the Hanford and livingston, time interval between the two detectors."The 
team says."In our view, to determine the signal is indeed is a product of astrophysical events, 
rather than the happened to be related, LIGO observatory two detectors' residual 'time should 
be no correlation between records.
And our survey shows, both on the show strong correlation.We hope that other researchers can 
repeat our calculation process, and put forward their own opinions.In physics, the 'blind faith in 
obviously cannot replace' understanding."This cannot explain the correlation of could produce 
many consequences, small to modify extracted from signal waves, to deny the whole 'claims to 
have found gravitational waves.
LIGO observatory, a spokesman for the detection result may indeed exist in unexplained 
correlation, but should not affect the existing conclusions.Of the Max Planck institute for 
gravitational physics researchers, members of the LIGO scientific collaboration observatory will 
Ian harry argue openly, they claim that the team can't repeat calculated correlations exist, so 
their conclusions may be caused by the error code.
But both teams are not willing to admit he was wrong.It is understood that LIGO group said "we 
have had in-depth communication with each other, don't agree with their methods of 
investigation, more can't agree with their conclusion."On January 4, 2017, the LIGO scientific 
collaboration observatory will (LSC) for the third time to detect the existence of gravitational 
waves.Just like the first two, the gravitational waves are produced by the two colliding black 
holes, merge.Formed after the merger of black hole mass is about 49 times the size of the sun, 
just 62 times in the first and second among 21 times.
"We further confirmed that the quality of more than 20 times the sun of the existence of black 
holes. Before the LIGO detects them, we never know there are objects in the universe."
Scientists at the Massachusetts institute of technology, Dr David schoemaker, a spokesman 
for the LIGO scientific collaboration will be pointed out that "these strange and extreme events 
in billions of years ago, we have billions of light-years away, but human beings can come up 
with a reasonable explanation, and verification, this extraordinary. LIGO and VIRGO (VIRGO 
gravitational wave detector) made tremendous contributions to the association of science."
Three LIGO observatory detected gravitational waves are produced by energy giant black hole 
mergers.Black holes collide, the resulting energy can be more than all the stars and galaxies 
in the universe radiate energy combined.
Recently detected a gravitational wave appears to be far from us, the black hole about 30 light 
years away from us.Scientists say the gravitational waves will open a door for our "new door", 
let us better observation of the universe, and get the knowledge related to mysterious objects 
such as black holes and neutron stars.Understanding of these astronomical phenomenon will 
help us to find out the origin of the universe.
"The discovery made us deeply in the form of new time and space, this would have been 
impossible before found that gravitational waves."The national science foundation director frans 
cordoba (France Cordova) points out, "this time, we have to look at 30 light-years away. LIGO 
observatory will continue to make great discoveries, gradually transition to the real gravitational 
wave observatory from experiments.
More important is, every time detection results not only let us witness the spectacle.Through 
collecting the data, we gradually understand the origin and features of these objects, so as to 
better understand the universe.We know that this is only the beginning.This' window of the 
universe will continue to expand.Hundreds of thousands of researchers from around the world 
converge to make its own contributions for LIGO observatory, further understanding of black 
hole mergers, neutron stars, and other astronomical phenomena.To this, we shall see."
When a pair of black hole revolve around each other, they can according to its own axis of 
rotation, like two figure skaters.Sometimes, when a pair of black hole while moving in orbit, will 
be moving in the same orbit direction, called "calibration" spin;Sometimes, they will rotate in the 
opposite direction.In addition, the black hole would tilt, deviated from the original orbital plane.
LIGO observatory according to the latest data, at least one black holes do not agree with the 
orbital motions of the overall situation.To determine the rotation of the black hole system, LIGO 
still need further observation.But from these early data, can be summed up the possible ways of 
the formation of black hole system.
Neutron stars are massive stars a supernova explosion and the product of the collapse of the 
kernel, in the process, the mutual fusion and form the protons and electrons neutrons.The 
researchers hope that improve the sensitivity of the LIGO equipment will help them find the 
location of the neutron star.They point out, if not enough understanding of the formation of a 
neutron star, it will be difficult to make important discoveries.

"In the third confirmed discovering gravitational waves produced by colliding black holes, LIGO 
observatory proved to the world, its performance is remarkable, can lead us to understand the 
dark side of the universe."LIGO, executive director of the laboratory, California institute of 
technology, David, pointed out that "although LIGO with special design, suitable for the 
observation of such astronomical event, but we hope in a few days can be observed in other 
astrophysical events, such as two neutron stars collided."