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Eat oyster shell have great use! One of America's free door-to-door recycling garbage company

  • Author:chinatopwin
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  • Release on:2017-07-12
The gulf of Mexico, where 500 million pounds of oysters are produced each year, is a paradise for 
shellfish: the region produces about 67 percent of the total U.S. consumption. But after every 
oyster is eaten, it leaves empty shells, and the recycling of oyster shells, instead of being thrown 
directly to the dump, is crucial to the recovery of coastal areas damaged by nature and human 

Alabama coast foundation (ACF), a non-profit organization, working to protect the coast 
environment, with a waste management company in October last year Republic Services work 
together, in the region to carry out the oyster shell recycling project. It started with a few hotels: 
Republic Services will be sent on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3 a.m. to drive out to collect 
the oyster shell after a meal, then to nature reserve, the oyster shell before back to the sea, 
exposure in the air for a few months. The project has now expanded to 29 restaurants. ACF 
executive director Mark Berte says interest is growing.

It is normal for seafood restaurants to send empty shells and other rubbish to the dump, but now 
many areas are replaying their shells back into the sea so they can create a barrier to their oyster 
In the process of growing oysters, there must be a rock solid base. In the gulf of Mexico, the oyster
 reefs are formed when the oyster starts to stick, leaving oyster shells and other oysters to grow. 
But in recent decades overfishing, disease, and pollution have begun to destroy oyster reefs, and 
85% of the world's oyster reefs have disappeared. In the gulf of Mexico, the disaster of the 2010 
oil spill has also damaged habitats.

By collecting abandoned shells from restaurants along with Republic Services, the ACF wants to 
contribute to the restoration of the oyster reef in the gulf of Mexico. Conservation association 
(TNC) in 2012, the United States after the oil spill, has carried out repair operations in the gulf of 
Mexico, called for a $1, fifty million investment, to restore the oyster reef, including rebuilding 
100 miles of the reef.
"The more they give us, the more raw oysters come out," Berte said.