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Drone maker DJI targets female users as sales start to taper

Mone chinatopwin 2017-05-17 09:32:34
   Drone maker DJI targets female users as sales start to taper

DJI, the world’s largest maker of recreational drones, says it has managed to attract more female buyers by repurposing some of its products in a bid to create a new customer group as sales growth begins to taper.
The new business from women is important to help DJI, which already dominates 70 per cent of the world’s market for drones, as it tries to find new customers and new revenue sources to keep growing.
Overseas markets remain its primary source of income, contributing three quarters of group revenue. Xu identified developed markets including the US, Europe, Japan and Australia as the main destinations of DJI products.
The company currently dominates the global drone market, after expanding its product lines to cater for the needs of what were aviation model lovers, and the ongoing demand from professional photographic and outdoor exercising sectors.
Research firm Gartner has said sales of consumer drones – mostly for photography and personal use – has been dominated by DJI globally, and are expected to grow roughly 40 per cent in 2017 to 2.8 million.
In the meanwhile, sales of consumer drones which account for about 94 per cent of the market have only generated 40 per cent of the market’s revenue stream, while the sales of commercial drones, only 6 per cent of the total units in sales, represent 60 per cent of the total revenue, as many of the biggest models can cost in excess of US$100,000.
Revenue from DJI commercial drone sales are smaller than a quarter of the group income, but unlike most other Chinese drone manufacturers which sells most of their products domestically, the company’s commercial sales are becoming largely targeting at overseas countries.