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China has amazed the world over the past five years!

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-07-19
The wind is not thick, but its wings are weak. A country is only economic volume big cannot 
represent strong, no innovation, there is no future. In the past five years, the key to realize the 
Chinese dream has been to adjust the water of the south, the source of the deep sea, the 
highway network and the cloud bridge. Satellites, airplanes, high-speed trains, jiaolong, Bridges, 
heavenly eyes, from the stars to the sea, to you and me.
The sky is the future
Beidou network
China's own GPS is coming, and in the second half of 2017, the beidou will officially start the 
global network, which is expected to eventually form a global service capacity by 2020.
The C919 first flight
C919 first flight to achieve domestic large aircraft "zero breakthrough", breaking the monopoly 
of foreign companies for large aircraft industry, with completely independent intellectual 
property rights, 102 key technical breakthrough, highlights the overall strength of science and 
technology of our country's aerospace industry.
Your third eye chakra sounding
Passed "China eye" key indicators of the similar foreign telescope, realized the big science 
and engineering by tracking copy across to the integrated innovation, carrying high, medium, 
low energy X-ray telescope, and the space environment monitor, insight thrilling and exciting 
picture in the universe.
Science series satellite launch star "goku"
The dark matter particle explorer has eyes capable of penetrating the dark matter of the 
universe, and its observation range is wide, and its energy resolution is superior to that of 
other similar detectors in the world.
The world's first quantum science experiment satellite
Its successful launch and in-orbit operation will help our country to realize national information 
security and leapfrog the information technology level.
China's first X-ray astronomical satellite
"Eye" to make our country in terms of X ray space observation has the international advanced 
faint change source survey ability, unique multiband fast light observation ability, promoting 
high energy astrophysics research in China into the world advanced level.
Shenzhou spacecraft
With the no. 7 "long march" to "long March 5", the successful upgrading China's launch 
vehicles held Chinese power towards space powers, China explorations done one by one 
"small target," manned spacecraft "shenzhou" 11 with tiangong 2 automatic rendezvous 
and docking, "xinhua space stringer in tiangong" 2, gaining momentum, chang e five Mars 
project was officially...