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Unmanned aerial vehicle made aerial photography possible

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-07-20
With the development of technology, film and television variety constantly in recent years in some 
elements of science and technology, various kinds of just a vast grassland, desert, such as 
beautiful scenery, and from the Angle of the top-down feature has become common, the picture 
extremely imposing manner, grace for the just. Shot past the point of view, to make the company 
to hire a helicopter, shooting Angle on the helicopter to complete, the picture is beautiful, but the 
cost is rather high, the emergence of uav aerial, film and television shooting easier.

God's vision of change
The camera flits from the top of the people's head, sometimes pushing closer, sometimes pulling 
away from the sky, and sitting in front of the television in front of the television is as if the camera 
is flying light... From the original documentary on the tip of the tongue of China 2 and 
parent-child reality show "where dad" in the first quarter of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) figure, 
the two programs in a large number of aerial camera, at the same time of audiences in new 
visual experience, also let a lot of aerial photographer began to notice the change in the position 
in industry.
Aerial photography is a very good means of shooting for daily television news coverage. First of 
all, "god perspective" form, can be more comprehensive understanding of the news reporters, 
the appearance of the scene, also can bring the audience unconventional visual experience, 
improve the quality of images of the news program. Second, the form of "god's perspective" can 
help journalists master the content of ordinary shooting tools that can't or is hard to capture and 
reduce unnecessary problems. For example, what exactly is there on the top of the building, 
and what the gates are like in the big courtyard. Moreover, only from a technical perspective, 
the aerial can achieve large rocker, the ground slippery course, fly cat cableway function of 
camera system, and other large equipment, even effect is stronger than the equipment.
With the popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles and the popularity of reality shows, many aerial
photography companies want to enter the reality TV market. "Where dad", as the "flowers and 
juvenile", the mood for love ", "high-energy youth club", "run! Brothers" and so on the hit reality 
show, domestic outdoor reality show coming on screen, aerial gradually become rigid demand 
producers shooting a reality show is also a kind of business model.
Reality TV aerial team standard is: a fly, a yuntai hand, a ground, who is responsible for the 
control of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight, responsible for controlling the camera haeundae 
hand movement, ground is responsible for equipment maintenance.
For a while, a large number of aerial photography teams flooded the market, and the level of 
filming technology was naturally uneven. Reality show record fast, safety requirements high. 
Once aerial photography can't keep pace with the rhythm, the effect is not ideal or safety 
accidents will cause the loss of the program irreparable. The overheat of the market has also 
had a negative impact. It is understood that the market for aerial photography is already 
oversupplied and, of course, it has something to do with the decline of the outdoor reality 
show market.
Although the cost of aerial photography is much lower than that of helicopter, it is still subject 
to flight altitude and time limit. Given the safety issue, the height of the drone's aerial 
photography is no more than 300 meters, and a lot of the cultural and cultural documentaries 
are to show the features of the landscape, and the 300 meters is completely inadequate.
Another uav life ability is weak, at present most of the uav aerial can fly only 30 minutes, not 
enough to finish the documentary filming the scene, so the uav aerial in documentary film 
formed in the market also need to break out some of the barriers.
Be good at using the essence of things
Because of the popularity of drones, professional uav aerial photography companies are 
emerging, and many traditional film and TV companies have also purchased drones and 
made aerial photography as a business. Because of this, every day there are new people to 
join, and every day there are new people to fly. How to make aerial photography of drones 
and ensure the safety and artistic standards is worth pondering.
Professional personage points out, the best aerial images is achieved by slow and smooth 
continuous flight, such as looking for a future, fly upwards, slowly until the amazing scenery 
behind the full display in the picture. Drone camera technology is not just a flight control 
technology. Aerial division in familiar uavs photographic equipment knowledge and 
technology should be strengthened at the same time, to know, the more to take the better, 
requires a different camera Settings, in order to get the best effect.
The vehicle is becoming more intelligent and the threshold for aerial photography is getting 
lower and lower, but the true core of aerial photography is people, and equipment is 
secondary. Whether it is the maturity of flight skills or the artistic quality of aerial photography, 
the key is here.