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"China eye" first discovered what the significance of 2 new Pulsars

chinatopwin chinatopwin 2017-10-12 09:28:01

The "Chinese eye" radio telescope was first discovered 2 new Pulsars (Figure / CCTV).
China Academy of Sciences and the National Observatory announced in October 10th, the 
scientists used is known as "the world's largest radio telescope China eye" - 500 m diameter 
spherical radio telescope (FAST) two new pulsars were discovered in the Milky Way system. 
This is the first use of Chinese radio telescope independently developed found these two 
pulsars. The new pulsar has passed the international certification, codenamed J1859-01 and 
J1931-01, the rotation period of 1.83 seconds, it is estimated about 16 thousand light-years 
from earth; the rotation period of 0.59 seconds, according to estimates from the earth about 
4100 light years. Two pulsars respectively by FAST in August 22nd this year, 25 found by drift 
scanning at the 

southern galactic plane. (Xinhua)
What is a pulsar?
What is the pulsar? What is it "amazing"? This is a high-speed rotation of the neutron star is
formed by the huge exploding stars stars. Its high density, per cubic centimeter weighing 
tons, in other words, the size of a lump of sugar, the equivalent of ten thousand tons of ship 
ship on earth the total weight.
The earth rotates once every 24 hours, while the pulsar rotation can reach tens of thousands 
of times per second, it is because of this, the pulse radio star will launch a periodic clock, is 
the most accurate in the universe. Its magnetic field reached trillion Gauss, trillion times 
higher than the earth's magnetic field. (Xinhua News Agency)

The data map (map / Xinhua News Agency)
What's the point of detecting pulsars?
The pulsar special physical characteristics, make it in time, gravitational wave detection, 
inspection and other fields of general relativity has important application. The National 
Astronomical Observatory researcher Li Di introduction, the essence of the pulsar is a 
neutron star, with extreme physical properties can not be achieved in the laboratory, 
laboratory astrophysics is ideal, the study has hope to get many important physics questions. 
For example: the star's rotation cycle pulse is extremely stable, accurate clock signal for the 
detection of gravitational waves, provides the ideal tool spacecraft navigation and other major 
scientific and technological application (CCTV).
Over the past 50 years, people found that the number of pulsars? Incomplete statistics, 
discovered the pulsar family has more than 2700 members. Chinese why keep pulsar 
missed? "China eye" because FAST is only 1 years old, and the eye in the sky "Arecibo is 54 
years old.
In the "China eye" before all the telescope can only see the Milky Way pulsar system. With the 
"China eye" to join the family radio telescope, scientists predict human discovered pulsar 
family is expected to expand a times, but can see the extragalactic pulsars, see pulsars or 
around a black hole. (Xinhua agency)

The data map (map / Xinhua News Agency)
What is FAST?
The FAST project is sponsored by the National Astronomical Observatory researcher, chief 
scientist of FAST engineering, chief engineer Nan Rendong led the team for more than 20 
years of research, and promote the construction of the national development and Reform 
Commission support, since the completion in September 25, 2016.FAST completed, from 
home and abroad, attention and look forward to the community. Xi Jinping and other leaders 
of the party and the state of FAST put forward a clear instructions and requirements: early 
results, more results, and good results, a big achievement.
FAST is located in Guizhou Province, Pingtang County named big nest Mao Karst 
depression, three independent innovation all Chinese intellectual property - location method 
based on active cable-mesh reflector, flexible cable with parallel robot feed support, FAST 
breaks through the radio telescope engineering limit, become the world's largest single 
aperture radio telescope, which receives an area equivalent to the size of 30 football fields. 
This is Nan Rendong, "defined as the next generation of astronomers for the observation 
equipment, is currently the world's most sensitive single diameter radio telescope (Xinhua).

Data figure: - the world's largest single aperture radio telescope FAST completion of the main 
project (Figure / visual Chinese).
Why is it built in the mountains?
In November 5, 2016, FAST General Engineer Wang Qiming released three major 
Chinese "eye" to the media.
One innovation is "the use of natural depressions in Karst as the site of a word." Wang Qiming 
said the hearts of many people in question. "You may feel, why should we do the mountains 
do" eye in the sky ', is not in the other place to dig a hole can be "
He said, "but if it is artificial digging pit, the rain became a reservoir".FAST project site research 
team leader Song Jianbo also said in an interview, the mountain water system of the 
telescope's "personal security" of great significance, once the "blocking the drainage system at 
the end of the nest" the underground River in the water can not flow into mountain, telescope 
is in danger of being submerged.
Although the abundant rainfall Chinese "eye" located in Pingtang County, Karst on the local 
topography but with rock permeability. Wang Qiming said that the Karst landform is conducive 
to natural drainage, while Guizhou Qiannan rain, but the rain here is generally not water.
Before FAST, the world's largest radio telescope is the Arecibo (Arecibo) 300 meter aperture 
radio telescope. The telescope is a telescope fixed, can not rotate, only through a band of 
about 20 DEG position change the antenna scanning the sky in the collapse of the source, 
and the spherical angle FAST to 110 DEG -120 DEG (Beijing).