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This successful man's advice will make you rich

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-07-24

Sergey brin is America's richest immigrant, worth more than $45 billion. He was quoted as the 
co-founder of Google, which he once said: "solving big problems is easier than solving small 
problems." When asked what drives Google X (think Google and other research and development 
projects created by Google), he says.
As business owners, we face a set of challenges -- managing money, increasing revenue, hiring 
employees, staying alive, and that continues. What if instead of focusing on microsolutions to 
every problem, instead of focusing on a larger solution to multiple problems?
Brin's statement was more or less about the challenge of bringing the concept of "one stone and 
two birds" into the solution.
I wrote a tax credit, so the first example to jump into my head -- a solution to many of the 
problems faced by small and medium-sized bosses -- is to get tax credits and government 
incentives. State and local business tax breaks and government incentives are important sources 
of funding for large amounts of money.
Protecting them can reduce your tax burden, manage costs more effectively, buy time until the 
purchase order becomes a reality, and raise revenue. Cash is king, and lack of it can be the 
Achilles heel of any business.
Jurisdictions across the country to provide business tax cuts and government incentives, is often 
underestimated, rather than by America's internal revenue service (irs) coding the main 30 lines of 
credit, in order to promote its economic development strategy. I advise you not to open the stone. 
Your research is about tax credits and business incentives, state and local economic development 
agencies. Alternatively, a consultant who specializes in tax breaks and incentives could be hired.
In 2006, after scanning his genome, brin found that he was prone to Parkinson's disease. The 
findings provide a wave of funding for research and development of one of the world's most 
stubborn diseases, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. In other words, solving a big problem 
solves a small problem at the same time. Not only is Parkinson's disease now struggling in new 
ways, but there are other small problems. Brin has made it his personal mission to solve big 
Maybe getting tax breaks and incentives won't solve your problems, but the way you look at your 
challenges in the way that brin suggests can help you solve any of your problems faster.