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The giant black hole will attack the earth, and scientists are optimistic about stealing energy from

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-12-06
In the vast universe, there are many unknown mysterious celestial bodies going upstream in the 
outer space. For our familiar sun, it is estimated that you should have unlimited energy and 
huge volume for its positioning.

However, there are one hundred million times larger than the sun of the mysterious black hole, 
countless times its natural energy is the sun, like a monster in the universe moving. Because 
love all things that the black hole swallowed, everywhere will be absorbed, and finally the 
migration areas are lifeless.

Through the Harbert space telescope, we can see that the black hole moves slowly in the 
universe, and its volume is more and more large. According to the research, the black hole 
was formed by the combination of two black holes millions of years ago.
Through the detection can be seen at this big black hole there is a considerable distance we 
don't have to worry about the earth, for its devastating damage to the earth. But the scientists 
found it in the universe and the walking direction directly at the earth, do not rule out one day 
will hit the ball.

Scientists find that when they travel in the universe, they suck away the heavenly bodies along 
the road, and all the way come to grow their volume. Therefore, the appetite of the black hole 
has reached an incredible level.

However, scientists interested in the black hole is countless energy of its internal storage, they 
hope to isolate its energy, even millions of 1/100000000, are an astronomical figure. This is to 
solve the earth's energy crisis will play an undeniable role.

What astronomers can do now is to focus on the direction of the huge black hole in the 
universe silently. Maybe 10 thousand years later, mankind will conquer the one hundred million 
big solar monsters on earth one day.