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The earth has not seen the sun for two years. Do you know what it has gone through?

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-12-07
In the long history of the earth, has had many similar hellish interlude, and even the Hollywood 
disaster movie most exaggerated compared with the like in "sunny afternoon picnic". Among 
them, the end of the Cretaceous extinction is the most famous, because it leads to the extinction 
of dinosaurs, and opened the door to the mammals the rise, although most people all think this 
is a good thing.

Although the story is what people for having heard it many times, but in the tragedy of what we 
still need to understand before a giant asteroid crashed into the Yucatan Peninsula, many 
species seem to have fallen into trouble, partly because of the large volcano has long India 
occurred outbreak. This has led some people questioned the impact of an asteroid the impact is 
like scientists described as deadly. But we also fill in the details of the impact of an asteroid 
impact caused by the earth, including shocking tsunami, raging wildfire and climate effect 
shocking. The effect is fatal?
Shortly before the eclipse has resulted in many parts of the United States in 2 minutes of 
darkness, which caused many fantastic speculation. But recent studies have shown that about 
65 million 500 thousand years ago and led to the extinction of dinosaurs in the asteroid hit the 
earth formed a long dark era, this is tantamount to "pale into insignificance by comparison." the 
researchers said, when the 10 km wide asteroid hit the earth, the Earth lasted nearly two years 
into a "complete darkness" state.
To some extent, this is a lot of dark soot produced by global wildfires to cover the sun. There is 
no sunlight, plants on earth cannot photosynthesize, earth would have cooled. According to the 
study, two key factors which may subvert the global food chain, causing a mass extinction event 
and the age of the dinosaurs at the end of the researchers said the findings could help scientists 
understand why the asteroid hit the Yucatan Peninsula to Mexico now, more than 75% species, 
including non avian dinosaurs (such as Tyrannosaurus) and large marine reptiles (such as 
Killer asteroid
The researchers said, when the space rock hit the earth, may cause earthquakes, tsunami and 
volcano eruption. This asteroid with such force hit the earth, the rock vaporization in the 
atmosphere. Where evaporation rocks will condense into small particles, they are called 
chondrules. When the chondrules returned to earth when they collide with air molecules, friction 
and heating to achieve enough to ignite a flame in the world temperature. The researchers said, 
in fact, in the geological record can still be found in a thin layer of chondrules.

The lead researcher of the study, the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) 
project scientist Charles Bardin (Charles Bardeen) said that most large Mesozoic terrestrial 
animal died of the consequences of an asteroid impact, but live in the sea or underground or 
underwater animal may temporarily survived. He said: "our study according to the preliminary 
effect of asteroid triggered after the earthquake, tsunami and volcano eruption. We want to 
look at the long-term consequences of a lot of soot generated, and the consequences for those 
who survived the animal"
The earth has no photosynthesis
Bardeen said, although the researchers discovered the asteroid evidence at the end of 1970s, 
but in the space rock hit the earth, the earth is shrouded in darkness for a long time have not 
reached a "consensus". Bardeen and colleagues used the latest geological record in 
estimation of fine soot value -- 750 billion kg to 35 trillion kg. Then, researchers conducted 
several different simulations based on these data. They will be inserted into the community of 
digital earth system model based on NCAR (CESM), which is a kind of modern chemistry 
climate model, covered with the atmosphere, land, ocean and sea related factors. This model 
allows scientists to influence to simulate the asteroid after a few years of ashes.
Bardeen said in an e-mail: "different studies have assumed that the various types of particles, 
including dust, sulfate and soot. All these particles can keep enough sunlight, causing the 
ground temperature decreased. At the same time, the ash can strongly absorb sunlight and 
heat, heating the stratosphere, and will reach the surface of the sun is reduced to very low