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The Samsung Gear VR app provides help for visually impaired people

chinatopwin chinatopwin 2017-08-21 09:08:05
Samsung is not just to increase sales by VR mobile phone headset. The company has launched a 
relumino C-LAB application, Gear VR, using the augmented reality technology to make up for 
vision problems. It can enlarge the picture or adjust the contrast you see if the problem is clear, but
 it can also view your map (for the blind spot or view) the contour of the object, and the color filter.
The app in the Oculus store is free, and don't be North Korea's only product page, which supports 

Yes, all wearing VR headset at any time (and your mobile phone) walking is very embarrassing 
and not realistic, so the current application is more suitable for the special case. Samsung know -
 relumino team hopes to develop "glasses" hardware, to achieve similar results, do not pay 
attention to or increase too much. However, even in the current state, which for any visually 
impaired people are very valuable, they do not want to expensive special equipment and blindly 
add vision.