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Google may launch a rebirth of Chromebook pixels and small home

chinatopwin chinatopwin 2017-08-22 09:27:47
Do you have a Chromebook pixel shape of the hole in your heart month after Google pulled the 
plug? Good news, Google may bring it back to the police. A source for the Android claimed that 
the "pixel Chromebook brand will also launch a pixel mobile phone speaking in the autumn of
 this year's event details are scarce. Whether this is a notebook computer, including the legendary 
will run, Andromeda, cross Android and Chrome operating system. The system of stories is 
considered to be a flat conversion mode of PC, a 12.3 inch display and optional Wacom pen, but 
not sure, this design is a launch pricing. Of course, we do not expect the $799 originally planned.

This is not in the storage hardware bonus. It is reported that this will be a smaller version of the 
smart home speaker. Although not what to say, but this is obviously a echo of Amazon's 
competitors, it has abandoned all the basic price in the name of built-in audio.
Android police are often accurate, but we will take this a little spoon with salt, because there are 
a lot of changes. However, it will be the launch of Google's products. Now, Microsoft's Chrome 
operating system Surface computer and Windows 10 after the shooting, Google may have to 
fight back, to the buyer one reason to think the surface. Similarly, Google may want to conquer 
space in the Amazon Amazon before the rapid rise of the lineup expanded its smart speaker 
roster. One thing is certain: if all this is true, Google will be very busy at the end of the year.