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  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2018-02-28

THE NEWEST GADGET from Google is a camera. Though I admit, calling the pocket-sized Clips 
just a camera feels incomplete. Yes, it has a lens and a battery and it captures videos, but 
everything else about it is unique. You don't tap a shutter button or give it any command to take a 
picture or shoot a video. You just turn it on (by twisting its lens like a knob), set it down, and point 
it at whatever humans or pets are nearby. Clips has a computer chip inside with a simplified 
version of Google's computer-vision code on board, and the device uses this chip to identify only 
the most savory moments of what it's seeing. Point it at the kids for five minutes while they dance 
and play and run around, then open the app on your phone to find a half-dozen or so 
seven-second clips, ready to be shared with the rest of your family.

So it's part camera, part machine-learning AI computer, part Vine-in-a-box. It all adds up to a lot of 
fun, especially for people with young kids who like to share cute videos of their offspring—two 
populations that, I'd guess, almost wholly overlap.