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Here’s the latest update on the very spicy beef between two massive chipmakers

chinatopwin chinatopwin 2018-02-27 09:32:31
While the largest deal in the history of technology continues to hit a number of speed bumps, 
we’re now getting into the phase of very strongly worded publicly issued statements between 
the two companies as we get closer and closer to the annual meeting of stockholders in early 

Broadcom and Qualcomm, the former of which is trying to acquire the latter, are continuing to 
duke it out on their respective investor relations pages by issuing public statements to investors 
over how much drama there is over the pricing of this deal. Broadcom is looking to buy 
Qualcomm for $79 per share (actually down from $82, though that’s another story), making 
this a massive tech deal worth more than $100 billion. And, naturally, they can’t agree — and 
it is definitely the other party’s fault.

Qualcomm rejected Broadcom’s $121 billion bid for the company earlier this month, and now 
appears to be trying to close its acquisition of NXP, another semiconductor company, as 
quickly as possible amid all this. But that hasn’t stopped the two companies from beginning to 
publicly issue strongly worded statements about just how much of an absolute buzz kill the 
other company is.