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It was shot into glass, and the bullet was instantly shattered, and science revealed the magic Ruper

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-12-28
Daily life experience tells us that the glass is a fragile place, if the shot glass products, the result 
will be? I believe that 10 people in 10 people will think I quite boring, of course, the glass will be 
broken into slag, but the scientists did not agree, because a seemingly ordinary tadpole shaped 
glass can shoot over the bullet instantly shattered into slag, and their own but unscathed.

How is this possible? Are you kidding, how to become so hard glass. Not only you do not believe,
in fact not verified before, scientists also don't believe. As early as in the middle of the 
seventeenth Century, Badawi A Prince Rupert has found the secret of making glass and 5 to 
Charlie II of England, after the the tadpole shaped glass bead fame, and named as "tears of 
Rupert". The scientists found that with a hammer, and even use hydraulic machine tons of 
pressure it the hard head, tears of Rupert still intact. The tail but just give Rupert tears a little 
force, including the hard head the tears of Rupert instantly broken down. So this strange 
phenomenon in tears of Rupert has puzzled scientists for more than 400 years.
But until 1914, Srinivasan Chandlaska scientists from Estonia Polytechnic University of Tallinn 
professor Hiller Aben and the Purdue University and Munawar Chaudhry of the University of 
Cambridge in England using advanced photoelasticity to crack the "tears of Rupert". The 
easiest way to make a Rupert's tears, the glass is heated to 600 degrees, so that a hot liquid 
in glass the nature of the action of gravity, automatically drop into the icy water. Such a Rupert 
tears out.

Then use the most advanced technology to study polarized tears of Rupert internal stress 
changes magic, surprise found rainbow phenomenon. When it is cooled rapidly to form surface
and inner shell, but still in liquid form, according to the characteristics of glass thermal 
expansion and contraction, when the internal cooling will produce stress contraction, so that 
the glass shell becomes very compact, hard. Like has a specific function, even harder than 
iron, the hardness test results show that it is equivalent to 7000 atmospheric pressure, can 
fight 20 tons of pressure.

But there will be a strong weak, not only with the head tail stress compared to even more than 
ordinary glass. The stress of this serious imbalance, exposed the tail is its fatal weakness. 
The scientists then prepared a camera at the speed of 1 million frames per second. When it 
was the tail of small damage when the tiny crack would instantly spread throughout the entire 
vitreous body, make glass instant fragmentation. The propagation velocity of 1900 M / s, 
day! This rate has exceeded the speed of a bullet. Kushk Viswanathan postdoctoral 
researcher from Purdue University said that if the glass tensile stress into compressive stress,
diffusion will prevent crack the uneven stress caused by the tears of Rupert. Despite its hard 
head, but there are also vulnerable to the tail, which leads to the characteristics of Rupert's 
tears can not be used, but scientists are considered. Another kind of Rupert's tears, a kind of 
super Rupert tears that can hide the weak tail.