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Extreme Flight 48 inch Laser EXP

Steven 2016-09-02 10:08:25
Since the cat is out of the bag I guess it's time to make it official. I've been hinting around for 
a while about a new mystery 48 inch EXP airframe. I am a huge fan of the Laser 200 and the 
late airshow legend Leo Loudenslager.
I began discussing this model with my factory CAD engineers last summer and knowing that 
I would be visiting China in the fall of 2011 we began exchanging drawings and ideas. I 
wanted to honor the unique heritage of the Laser and Leo while bringing the model up to date
 to match the performance we all have come to expect from an EXP series aircraft.
One of the last mods that Leo made to the Laser was to design a more streamlined canopy. 
This canopy was installed on the Laser and flown by Leo prior to his tragic death in a 
motorcycle accident. I much prefer the look of this canopy to the original and decided to 
incorporate it into the EXP design. I was also never a fan of the orignal cowling. In my 
research I found photos of the Laser Z230, Laser 300 and 2000 that had all started 
incorporating a much more streamlined and "sexy" cowling. I decided to incorporate this 
as well. 
As such this model can't really be designated as any particular variant, so I decided to simply 
call it the Laser EXP.
When I arrived in China our team already had the Laser built up and covered. I brought over 
the motor/esc and servos and began assembly. The following day we were ready to maiden 
our new creation. The maiden flight was simply amazing! I landed and both Bear (the factory 
owner) and I were smiling and giggling like a couple of school girls. The Laser exceeded all 
expectations and besides requiring a couple of small tweaks to the structure, it was 
completely aerodynamically sound right out of the gate! That rarely happens. As a result we 
were able to begin cutting wood immediately. As it stands the Lasers are in the jigs and 
should be ready for covering very soon. We are shooting for having them around SEFF 
and with any luck we'll have some there for sale (fingers crossed).
Like all of the EXPs, the Laser excels at both 3D and precison maneuvers. It shares the 
long tail moment of the Extra and Edge which gives it great stability in higher speed precision 
manuevers and it also features that famous EXP elevator that allows for crazy pitch authority 
and great stability in high alpha maneuvers. When the CG is properly set the Laser has no
 coupling and is a very neutral aircraft. We intended to get some flight video over the weekend 
at FX3D but we were faced with daily 25-30 mph winds which aren't conducive to filming a 
demo video of a 3 pound aircraft. We'll work to get video shot and posted as soon as 
As requested, here are some more photos of the new Extreme Flight RC Laser EXP!