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DJI Snail Racing Propulsion System

  • Author:steven
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2016-12-30
DJI Snail Racing Propulsion System
DJI enters the small drone racing and freestyle segment with the Snail. This system 
is tuned specifically for DJI propellers and offers full 3D flight.

DJI Dives Into the Drone Racing and Freestyle Market

Unable to rest upon it's laurels for longer than a day, DJI has released it's entry into 
the drone racing segment with a propulsion system comically named the Snail. 
This system, consisting of four motors and esc's, is aimed at the small quad 
pilot that races, freestyles, or just bangs the sticks around in a frenzy. The price is
 $89 and scheduled to ship in aout 30 days. Let's take a look at the components:
Snail 2305 Motor
Here's what DJI says about the Snail motor: Combined with the 5048S Tri-Blade
 Propeller, the Snail 2305 Motor delivers an incredible 1.32kg of thrust, 15% more 
than the market average. As light weight is critical to racing drones, yet they have 
to endure frequent collisions, extensive simulations and flight tests have been 
carried out to make the Snail 2305 Motor stronger while keeping weight to a slim 

Snail 430-R ESC:
DJI's statement on the Snail ESC: A high performance 32-bit 100MHz MCU and
 unique race optimized control algorithms are found inside the Snail 430-R ESC, 
allowing it to outperform similar products in both response and efficiency. Its 
ultra-compact hardware design allows it to sustain a continuous current as high
 as 30A, from a form that is just 3.6cm. It can be further fine tuned to meet racer 
needs using the ESC Programmer and DJI Assistant 2.

DJI Snail Propellers
The Snail system is designed to be paired with the DJI Snail props. Here's what 
DJI says about the new props: The Snail series includes a number of propellers, 
optimized for everything from racing to 3D flying to aerial imaging. All Snail 
propellers feature a new quick release propeller (excluding the 6048-3D Propeller) 
– a first for racing drones. Racers can swap propellers in seconds, without tools, 
because in a race every second counts. Every propeller’s hub structure has been 
fully tested for strength so racers can fly with confidence. There is also a standard
 hub version of the 5048S Tri-Blade propeller, the 5048, that can fit on other motors.

Full 3D Flight Capable
DJI doesn't give much info, but they say that the Snail system is 3D capable by 
merely changing a setting in the DJI assistant software and changing props to 
6048-3D propellers. Under the FAQ section, DJI states: Use the Snail ESC 
Programmer (available separately) and connect the ESC to your computer. 
Use DJI Assistant 2 (available from www.dji.com) to set your ESC to 3D flight