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Astronomers say that aliens are more likely to grow like fish than people.

chinatopwin chinatopwin 2017-12-14 09:31:29
Astronomers think that most of the livable worlds in the universe may be covered by water, which 
represents more fish, not people, who live on the living things.

Barcelona University Institute of space Fergus Simpson, used a sophisticated mathematical 
theory, it is called Bayesian probability (Bayesian probability), that most of the planets may have 
90% surface water.
This shows that many extraterrestrial life bodies in the universe may grow like fish, or like other 
marine organisms on the earth.

It's sad that these aquatic extraterrestrial organisms can't be very advanced.
Dr. Simpson told the The Sun Online: "if we only talk about building high intelligence creatures 
such as spaceships, I still think they will grow like humans."

"I don't believe there are many highly intelligent aquatic alien species, because I think aquatic 
organisms, such as dolphins, are very difficult to use tools or fire."
Of course, the earth itself is full of water, and land covers only 29% of the earth's surface.

Dr. Simpson says the unusual balance between land and water may be related to the evolution 
of the earth's creatures.

He said, "our understanding of the evolution of life may be very imprecise, but the following thing 
is not so terrible: we must follow the traditional approximation theory, which advocates that the 
habitable planets may also have higher intelligent creatures."