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Always remember your password? Can put it in the shirt

chinatopwin chinatopwin 2017-11-02 09:29:53
On November 1st news, according to the MIT Technology Review reported that the University of 
Washington researchers are studying the so-called "smart fabric", they focus on the 
magnetization of textiles. This textile can be a small amount of data storage can be read by the 
magnetometer data stored in the internal, including the most intelligent mobile phone. This 
technique may be useful for you. You can label the items in inconspicuous places, or with a shirt 
or bracelet instead of the password and key card. The researchers will also magnetization line 
embedded in gloves as a gesture controller of mobile phone, the fabric itself does not need any 
electronic device or battery support.

The man-machine interface meeting this month held in Canada, researchers published a paper 
about this project. Over the years, artists, entrepreneurial companies and many large 
companies (such as Google and Levi partners' s launched Project Jacquard) are antithetical 
couplet network fabrics and garments are explored. However, due to various reasons, such as 
the high price, limited function and durability concerns, these attempts are still not attractive to 
most consumer interest.
However, Shyam Grakota, director of the University of Washington network and Mobile 
Systems Laboratory (Shyam Gollakota) and laboratory (Justin Chan) graduate Justin Chen 
believes that their research can be used in the manufacture of smart clothing and accessories, 
as it focuses on magnetic ready-made, cheaper and unobtrusive wire fabric. Although the field 
strength of the line down in 1 weeks, but they found that even after cleaning, drying and ironing 
the fabric, they can also use the Android intelligent mobile phone read inside the encoding data.

Figure: researchers at University of Washington are storing data on magnetic lines that can be 
read by magnetometer
Justin said: "this line of magnetization is very durable, and can also be reprogrammed." the 
researchers conducting wire in the fabric embroidery, and the 0 and 1 short string encoding 
into positive and negative magnet. Then, they can be a smart mobile phone placed in the 
magnetization, near full data the fabric, and then read the content by using a special design. 
The video displayed a line with a magnetized shirt, can be used to open a magnetometer door.
In addition to the production of magnetic material samples, the researchers also made some 
can be programmed to tie, belt and bracelets and other accessories. The researchers also 
used a prototype magnetic line embroidered gloves, intelligent mobile phone and found near 
the sliding finger recognition and tapping gestures, by observing the change of magnetic 
field in three dimensions. Researchers can make intelligent mobile phone and identify six 
wearing gloves made of magnetic line gestures, but only 90% of the time to identify them. 
And when the limit on the number of gestures is 4, the accuracy will be increased to 99%.
Although the magnetic line can be embroidered on the shirt cuff, with enough data encoding 
instead of RFID tags, but also not like the MP3 to store the data. Gelaketa said that he and 
Justin are trying to figure out how to store more data in the fabric.