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A first time CES entrepreneur, age 82

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2018-01-11
On the first official morning of CES, Carol Staninger stopped and started her electric wheelchair 
through the sponge like Jinsha Convention and Exhibition Center. She wanted to fail sometimes, 
not to yearn for the participants who ignored the more than 80 year old flock at the height of the 

The service elevator takes staninger, gray hair, yellowish sweater and silver brooch to display the
layer. She is very polite to accept leaflets from overperfumed women on behalf of the French 
Shoe Company Limited. She consulted her flip phone and found other players. In the end, 
Staninger came to her booths at the start of the exhibition, instead of the electric skateboard 
display and the Korea Companies sales of iPhone examples of embedded shock guns.

"I'm here," she said to her team.

More than 170000 people from 150 countries took part in the consumer electronics show this 
year, but few have seen a 82 year old entrepreneur. For Staninger, the president of a limited 
liability company, her name blended with her two children, Andrea and Eric, this is her first CES. 
Her last trip to Las Vegas was on the other side of the 2000 ad.

She in winter haven of Florida grew up, began to work at a local hospital at the age of 19, and 
stayed there for 42 years, most of the secretary. Her first contact technology was in 1960s, when 
she was introduced to IBM's electric typewriter. "I hugged technology, word processors and 
computers," she said. It just makes things better. "

The summer of 2016, she retired to read news reports, the baby died in an accident in the car. In 
the safety seats where caregivers' concentration is decreasing, they often go backwards. Last 
year, 42 people died in the United States, and 742 died at the age of 1998. Most of them were 
children under 12 months or less.

"You see a child, you know this child will never grow up," she said. He will never walk on the 
beach, never have children, never grow up. His life ended before the beginning. "