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Do you think the gesture operation of iPhone X is original? This is the ancestral"!

  • Auteur:chinatopwin
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  • Relâchez le:2017-12-13
On iPhoneX, the biggest innovation, except for the new FaceID, is the gesture operation.

IPhoneX full screen + gestures by unanimous praise, and many domestic mobile phone full screen gestures are also part of this function, but when people praise this innovative apple is going to change the world again, fat is actually very ashamed. Because Apple's operating logic actually appeared eight years ago.

At the CES conference in 2009, palm, a famous mobile phone maker, launched a new WebOS - based cell phone PalmPre. Arc screen, cobblestone modeling, gesture operation, wireless charging... Are these new features coincide with the present iPhoneX?

On the iPhoneX, the top skid pause into the multitask interface and carefully look at the design of a palm phone similar to a virtual button.

Let's look at the multitask handover operation. Palm can quickly switch multiple tasks through multi taskbar, or slide the virtual keypad to switch the previous and next tasks.

With these two simple gestures and virtual buttons we can see, the iPhoneX gesture is not original, but it is actually the "ancestral" that dominate the market WebOS.