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China's Spring Festival holiday rush starts on Friday
Chinese people are now switching to holiday mode as they ready themselves to pack their 
bags and hit the road back home to mark the Spring Festival, the most important family
 celebration in the country.
It is a time of joy, but also stress as the occasion triggers the world’s largest mass migration 
with hundreds of millions journeying across the country to be with their families.
A whopping 2.978 billion trips are expected to be made nationwide between January 13 and 
February 21, according to the National Development and Reform Commission, the country’s 
top economic planner.
The Chinese New Year falls on January 28 this year, and many Chinese will battle their way 
home on New Year's eve to watch a special gala prepared by China Central Television. The 
annual five-hour variety show broadcast since 1983 has become an essential part of 
spending the night.
The 40-day travel rush will undoubtedly add pressure on the country’s transport system. 
Uncertain winter weather conditions, such as snow and heavy fog, might also bring challenges 
this year around.
Authorities are gearing up for the dramatic surge in people on the move across the country with 
measures accommodating the increase in passenger volume as well as arrangements ensuring
 their safety.
On Friday, the first day of the festival rush, at least 3,500 trains, 840,000 buses, 20,000 ships 
and 11,000 flights will operate across China, according to official estimates, bringing passengers 
closer to their loved ones.
Travelling by road is the most popular means of transportation, with 2.52 billion journeysexpected 
in the course of the next few weeks.