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Something about sharing

  • Author:Diana
  • Release on:2014-09-11
Today is September 11, 2014, is a happy Thursday.I’d like to say something about sharing.

As a company recruits, I’m always moved by our company and family. For example, we hold business meeting every Thursdays . The host will share something with us at first, then we discuss something about our work. When I was the host, I shared a health knowledge, because I hope everybody be healthy and happy. Today the host shared some knowledge about the Teacher’s Day. Yesterday is the Teacher’s Day in China. When the host was sharing the knowledge, everyone feel grateful to our teacher. I was a teaching Chinese as a second language teacher last year, I miss my students very much.

Everyone has met some teachers who is very important to you, please do not forget to say thanks to them. And if you are a teacher, please share your happiness to your student , and tell them you miss them.