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Why flashing a selfie V-sign may put you at risk

  • Author:Joey
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-01-19
Why flashing a selfie V-sign may put you at risk
Bad news for those teenage girls who can't resist flashing a V-sign while posing for 
selfies - they might be inadvertently exposing their personal data.  
The National Institute of Informatics in Japan has warned that criminals could potentially 
steal important personal information from photos by using facial recognition and fingerprint
 technology, according to its recent research.
Chinese experts said such data theft could only happen as a result of close-up shots in 
high definition. It largely depends on the quality of the camera as to whether a photo can 
actually be used to capture an exact fingerprint.
“Technically speaking, it’s difficult to retrieve fingerprints from a single photo,” said Yin 
Desen, a researcher for the Ministry of Public Security. "Doing so from a video is more 
The alarm over V-signs has enlivened Chinese social media platforms - netizens were 
quick to question whether there really was a significant risk.
Others joked about the fact that many girls use photo editing apps when taking selfies 
and their fingerprints won’t be recognized after a “soft skin” button.
“What if criminals may use your iris data from photos of you with wide-open eyes?” 
said @liulangdeduanjia on Weibo.
Experts suggest people keep an eye on their hand gestures when posing - just in case 
criminals can take advantage.