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"Wedding" lets dying mom see her infant son's big day

Joey 2016-11-18 10:26:25
A special “wedding ceremony” that was held between a young mother and her 
three-year-old son on Saturday in Quzhou, east China’s Zhejiang Province, has moved 
thousands of netizens to tears, as they extended their best wishes to the mother along 
with her family.

Zheng Tao, the 28-year-old mother, was given a terminal lung cancer diagnosis in March 
last year. Devastated by the diagnosis, she was afraid of not being able to witness the 
joyful once-in-a-lifetime moment of her son’s wedding. At the ceremony, she wore a 
stunning bridal veil as well as a bright grin, as she waited for her “little groom” to sweep 
her off her feet.

With the help of Zheng’s husband, three-year-old Xiaotao toddled towards his sick mother,
 and awkwardly put a gorgeous diamond ring on her finger amid overwhelming waves 
of cheers and applause.

“I felt like I already witnessed the scene where a lady stands besides my son, bathing in 
the air of sheer happiness and bliss,” said Zheng, adding that she hoped her son could take 
care of himself and grow strong-minded even if she was no longer alive.

Deng Jianfei, Zheng’s beloved husband, who could not help but weep at seeing such a 
bittersweet sight, murmured all through the wedding ceremony that everything would be fine.

Xu Weidong, head of the local hospital where Zheng had worked as a dedicated and 
conscientious nurse, said they had spared no efforts in preparing the special ceremony 
to fulfill the mother’s dreams of seeing her son’s big day.

The touching wedding moved thousands of people at the scene, while countless strangers 
online could not help but cry at the news of such a desperately sad but sweet gesture.
“I hope Xiaotao can understand how much his mother loves him when he grows up,”
@Ruoerzky commented on China’s Sina Weibo.

“The desperate love between the young mother and her son is really impressive,” 
@Littleluck said, adding that we should always cherish our loved ones, rather than indulge 
in a life of regrets when we one day lose them.