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Tiangong No.1, please answer! We will always remember you!

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2018-04-04

According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office

March 30, 2018

Tiangong 1 runs in

The average height is about 189.5 kilometers on the track

Chart: Tiangong-1 launch: Tiangong-1 launch success Xinhua News Agency reporter Gao Wei

Estimated Beijing time

Between today and April 2

Reenter the atmosphere and burn it

I do not know the palace

What year is it?

Kua Fu, Moon, Sky Goddess .....

This is a picture taken by the astronaut of the Shenzhou-6 mission.

These myths are passed on from time to time

Record the imagination of Chinese people

Also witnessed by the people

Mysterious and vast space

Endless longing

On July 26, 2017, "China Dream Space Dream - The First Chinese Astronaut Flying Photography
Exhibition" was held in Beijing. At the Beijing Planetarium, a child visited the photo exhibition. 
Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Huajuan