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The use of sound waves to suspend objects and allow drugs to become "guided missiles"

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-07-10
Folk have all kinds of levitation magic, but magic is not science after all. Now there is an acoustic 
levitation technique that allows the object to suspend by simply using a current-driven special 
loudspeaker. The basic principle is to use the acoustic standing wave and the object to produce 
the interaction force to overcome the weight of the object suspension. Using the computer's 
three-dimensional simulation technology, can even manipulate the object's three-dimensional 
motion, the computer first according to the acoustic features analysis to generate 3D printing 
model, and then through this model can be directed to manipulate the beam of sound waves, 
not only the tiny objects in mid-air levitation, can even be used to manipulate small particles to 
display dynamic images, sound imaging technology.

The technology, called one-way acoustic traction harness, was developed by Dr. Lucile o '
of Spain, who also improved a simple device that would allow him to experience the pleasures
 of sound levitation, which was priced at $70 on Amazon. So magical "levitation" magic, want 
to also come DIY try it?