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The 2014 Horizon Indoor Electric Festival

  • Author:Steven
  • Release on:2014-10-24
The 2014 Horizon Indoor Electric Festival kicks off on November 7th, 8th and 9th at the Four Seasons Golf Dome in Columbus, Ohio.
Get ready for an epic display of everything indoor and park flyer with three full days of open flying in the still air of this giant dome. Back by popular demand, Spektrum Lake will be busy with float plane traffic while manufacturers demo the newest aircraft and accessories. There will be dedicated flight areas for jets, helis and multirotors, and light scale/micros.
As with any organized fly-in, there's a few rules to abide by:
  • Have a great time. 
  • Any aircraft with a motor larger than a "Speed 300" will need to be approved by the contest director. 
  • All aircraft must weigh under 16 ounces with battery. 
  • All helicopters and quads are to be the mini variety. 250 size max 
  • Anyone entering or exiting the facility must use the revolving door due to the dome's internal pressure. 
  • Separate areas will be designated for "3D" and "Race Track" style flying. 
  • All batteries should be charged with extreme caution. A fireproof container of some type is strongly recommended. No batteries are to be left charging during non flying hours.