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Ellen 2016-07-22 10:14:11

Ty Tessmann has been hard at work racing and improving the D8T over the

past couple of years, and we're proud to announce the D8T Tessmann Edition!

With the help of 'Team Tessmann' (dad Gord and mother Leann), Ty has steadily

updated and refined the D8T to make it almost a whole new truck.

With a huge number of racing tweaks to make it win at the highest level, Ty has

made the D8T his own, and along the way has claimed major wins and A-main

results with his D8T Tessmann Edition, including The Dirt Nitro Challenge and the

Pro-Line Dual! The D8T Tessmann Edition is fully refined to be faster than anything

else available, more durable than ever and with better grip all around - it'll help you

tame any track you take it to!

This is the only truggy to bear Ty's name, so you are guaranteed a kit with not just a

winning pedigree, but with Ty's own personal touches: his choices of upgrades and

improvements, his selection of tuning adjustments and his own stamp of approval. 

Do you like it? We China Topwin, have the similar one nitro-truggy, welcome to inquiry.