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So glad to share our latest drone with you, nice design, and more importantly, really nice price.

  • Author:Mone
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on :2016-12-26
   Christmas is around the corner, and give your friends the gift you know they will want!
So glad to share our latest drone with you, nice design, and more importantly, really nice price.

  Welcome to contact for more infos and quotation will be sent for your evaluation.

Below quick infors for your reference:
1.Product Size(cm):37*37
2.Color Box Size(cm):50*8.5*33
3.Product Color:black
4.Playtime(minute):about 10 minutes
5.Control distance(meter):about 50M
6.Product battery:3.7V Lithium 650mAh include
7.Controller battery:AA1.5V*4 not include
8.Charging time(minute):about 90 minutes

* Function: fly up/down, go forward/backward, turn left/right, leftward/rightward 
flying, suspension,speed,360 degrees eversion,headless function ,altitude lock 
function and auto-back home