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Nintendo Switch Online will launch in September

chinatopwin chinatopwin 2018-02-01 11:12:24

We knew Nintendo's new online service would launch this year, and now we know Switch owners
will be waiting until September for it. The company tweeted that Nintendo Switch Online will 
launch then, but didn't reveal much else, other than the fact that it will remain free to use until the 
official launch (which will come about a year after gamers were expecting it). Nintendo has 
revealed a few of the features (like access to archived titles) and that it will cost $20 per year, but 
that's about it for now. A few games are already making use of its mobile apps for things like voice
chat, but hopefully, we'll find out more information soon. For now, Nintendo's flooding the channel 
with news, including word of its Mario Kart Tour mobile game, and a Mario movie in development.