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New hot TOYS brings you to childhood

  • Author:Laura
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2016-12-22
Many children have dreamt of being a Chicken mom to hatches a little chicken, now Hatchimals 
makes this dream come true.

When child gets an egg, there is no difference from regular eggs except it is bigger. Every little 、
baby needs warmth and every mom needs patience and hardworking. So it is not easy to see 
the little baby in eggs come out. First, you need to prepare to be a mom or a father. Then, touch 
the eggs slightly. It will be a long time until the baby come out. Maybe 10minutes later, there is 
not still any voice in eggs. So, keep touching. About 5minutes later, you can hear stick voice 
from egg. Yes, the baby just wakes up because of your warmth. Yeah, keeping touching, little 
chicken sticks the eggs and you can see its sharp mouth. Go on touching, the whole egg has 
been broken . Finally, happy baby's hatching day!

Hatchimals will lead a new fashion from now on. Give us a chance to come backto our childhood.