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Motor question.

  • Author:Maggie
  • Release on:2016-11-01
I understand this is the wrong forum. But, is their a motor being made comparable to 
the Z30A-800? I cannot find anything with a 5 mm shaft.

And that is the z30-a800?
please put a link!

Must be this one, right? 


280g, 800 Kv, motor housing is 60mm long and 43mm in diameter. 

They say it is an 8 pole motor, I wonder if it is a 9N8P motor, 12N8P is not a very 
good wind according to the winding diagram table. 

Any motor of that Kv and weight should be a candidate if it can be mounted. I 
would expect that it has a stator that is about 35mm x 48 mm or so... 

Is that for a helo with a built in ESC (electronic speed controller)? If so, do you 
know what the commutation rate limit on the controller is? That could be a 
problem because the high RPM operation that is typical in helos.