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Meat, Inclusive

  • Author:Selina
  • Release on:2016-08-03

Hi everyone - Selina here. Don't want to send too much text in one day, but

we have a connection and I've been wanting to send this little piece. In addition

to laughing our asses off, I have been trying to keep track of all the funny things

 we’ve seen/experienced. Below is a partial list that you may find funny.


Meat, Inclusive

They really do eat dog here (in some provinces anyhow). In fact, they don’t

waste a single damn thing - duck chin, chicken feet, have all been found on

menus. Nate has been a vegetarian throughout most of the trip since the meat

that he does eat is often in an less "preened" state. He says "they cut it the

wrong way" - I call it the "Itchy and Scratchy" cut (if you’ve seen the Simpson’s

you’ll know what I mean, they just cut it lengthwise with the bone still in and the

marrow sticking out). Some other funny menu items were found on the menu in

the picture –