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Making phone calls to our foreign customers

  • Author:Bonnie
  • Release on:2014-10-14
These days, we are on a competition among 14 companies. So we try to make more phone calls to our potential customers.
Today, I called one customer from Shanghai Fair 3 years ago. One of our skillful sale contacted him before. But there was little feedback from him. So I was a little nervous to make this call. What should I do if he can not speak English? What should I do if he is very cold. He’s French. The tips from the phone were French, too. So I greeted him when he picked up the phone with French. However, he talked with me using frequency English. I told him our colleague met him in Shanghai Fair in 2011. He said he remember me at once. LOL He said he was not interested in the rc drone we recommend to him, but he will check our website.
It turned out to be a pleasant talk.
Also it confirmed that: most of our customers are nice people. Let’s pick up the phone and communicate with our customers freely.