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"Long March No. seven" can be launched under 8 strong winds and moderate rain conditions

chinatopwin chinatopwin 2017-11-16 09:32:53
The evening of June 25, 2016, our country in the new Hainan Wenchang spaceport with the new 
development of the long march rocket number seven lifts "upgraded version" space shuttle bus 
No. - expedition one level above, the multipurpose spacecraft scaled capsule and other load 
successfully into orbit, kicked off the task of the manned space engineering space laboratory 

Long march seven
"First show" successful rocket Long March VII, is for China's manned space station project 
launch cargo spacecraft and the new development of a new generation of no pollution, high 
reliability, high safety and medium launch vehicles, the future will also transport manned manned 
spacecraft into space, has become the main type of Chinese space launch rocket the ability to 
enter the space.
Carrying capacity is 1.5 times as much as the previous rocket
The long march rocket number seven 53.1 meters long, 3.35 meters in diameter and core 
diameter of 2.25 meters, the bundled 4 boosters, take-off weight of 597 tons.
The expert of China Aerospace Science and technology group, which is responsible for the total 
development of rockets, introduces that the long march No. seven is the largest carrying capacity 
rocket in China. The carrying capacity reaches 13.5 tons of near earth orbit, which is 1.5 times 
of that of the previous rocket, reaching the advanced level of foreign similar rockets
Long march seven in China is currently occupying the shortest rocket launch. In order to adapt 
to the characteristics of Hainan typhoon, but also for future high density launch preparations, 
long march seven need to possess the ability to quickly launch in the launch area, simple 
preparation can transmit image, that is "to play".

Long march seven is China's first marine environment in the rocket launch site in Hainan and 
inland launch the biggest difference is humid and rainy and typhoon frequent marine climate, 
and many precision instruments on the rocket is very sensitive to external environment, long 
march seven in Hainan have the ability to launch complex weather, all-weather climate 
conditions. The image that is "to hit".
The experts said that the long march seven is China's first unveiled the "digital rocket, rocket 
design from paper" comic book "has become a" 3D movie "Long March seven. Using full digital 
means to complete development, through the whole manufacturing process from design to 3D. 
The whole development process is not a paper drawings, production and processing in the 
implementation stage of the rocket" one click "processing, greatly enhance the production quality 
and efficiency. In the test, the assembly stage, the" digital "rocket" Application of virtual reality 
technology, virtual assembly, virtual test of the rocket, the rocket to simulate actual assembly 
and test environment, predict possible the problems in advance, to ensure that the rocket 
assembly test, "a long march seven." the successful first flight, represents the highest level of 
China's nearly 60 years of development in the field of rocket, marking China's new generation 
of carrier Rockets are among the most advanced in the field of digital design
It can be launched under 8 strong winds and moderate rain conditions
The outstanding performance of Long March seven comes from several innovations
The new power rockets more "environmental protection". Two kinds of LOX / kerosene rocket 
engine long march seven by China with independent intellectual property rights, the thrust is 
increased by 60%, takeoff thrust reached 730 tons, the average cost is only 1/10 of conventional 
propellant, reduce the cost and improve the performance of the rocket.
In terms of structure and layout, little difference in the long march seven appearance and the 
existing rocket body, the more people "tall and slim" beauty. In order to save more fuel, provides 
more power, its booster is about 27 meters long, nearly 2 times the active length of the rocket 
booster, so the mechanical properties of the flight is very complex. Control is extremely difficult. 
The traditional fixed rocket boosters required two bundles, and the long march seven has added 
a bundle, the relative binding scheme, active rocket load, the design difficulty of binding device 
greatly increased, but the reliability is greatly improved.

Long march seven
The structure of the complex rocket, the rocket to the "brain" of the control system has also 
brought new challenges, in order to better control the flight of the rocket, the spacecraft precise 
orbit. The long march seven is designed according to the standard of the manned space rocket 
control system and pressurization system realizes the design of redundancy and reliability are 
greatly improved. The rocket control system has been developed to the full digital control mode.
The new environment to improve the adaptability of rocket launch site in Hainan. The humid 
climate, high rainfall and long march seven. Have the ability to launch in the 8 winds and rain 
conditions. Therefore, in the development of rockets at the beginning, the design team will be 
"waterproof" work as a priority among priorities. For example in section joint, and aperture small 
gaps do waterproof processing. The long march seven also used in the past the long march 
rocket family, 3.35 meters in diameter, Hainan can not only meet the emission requirements, 
but also can be transported by land to inland launch site launch, launch adaptability.
The vertical assembly, rocket launching test in vertical, vertical transitions, known as the "three 
vertical mode". The active rocket used in the "three vertical" mode, the arrow connecting work 
in the technology area and launch area to be two times, and the long march seven the "new 
three vertical mode". Only a docking can complete the work, better consistency condition, 
after transferred to the launch area lower probability of failure, can effectively improve the 
transmission reliability. At the same time reduces the emission work time, reduce the 
occurrence of the rocket after the transition of inclement weather and return to the technical 
The long march seven launched on the Hainan international tourism island is also a green 
rocket, "green energy, green materials, green technology", in which green energy refers to 
the use of advanced non-toxic pollution-free liquid oxygen KEROSENE PROPELLANT
It can be used to launch a new generation of manned spacecraft
After the long march seven rocket completed the first flight mission, the future will take the 
first space cargo ship in China -- one day boat launch, for China's long-term manned space 
station built "Earth transport corridor". The future will mature to become a new generation of 
manned rocket, used to launch a new generation of manned the spacecraft.