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Let the nurse inject a prim of the weapon of a hundred and never fear

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-08-09

VeinViewerFlex (image from christies, below)
Vein imaging device's working principle is to use oxygen in the surrounding tissues, vein to 
hemoglobin to absorb near-infrared light is different, the information through photoelectric 
conversion and image processing, finally the vein clearly displayed.Vein imaging device for 
patients with venous quality no selectivity, especially in obese patients, poor flexibility, carefully 
and fragile vein showed unique advantages, therefore is suitable for the patients with different 
diseases as well as all ages.

VeinViewerFlex can significantly improve the success rate of vein puncture for the first time, 
shorten the puncture time, thereby reducing the patient's trauma, pain, reduce their risk of 
infection, drugs or liquid treatment patients faster, and won the rescue time.Improve the work 
efficiency of medical staff, improve hospital reputation and reduce the risk of medical disputes.

In fact, there are many research and development of venous imaging in China, because of the
 high cost, this product will not be able to be popularized in hospital in a short time.