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Lens recording warm heart time

  • Author:Ellen
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2016-12-19
Lens recording warm heart time
Recently, the photographer Andy Seliverstoff photographed a warm heart theme photography 
project, he will focus his lens on the child and the dog's body, and try to pass between them 
on the body of the Strong contrast, to create a warm heart of the visual experience.

It is understood that the photographer Andy Seliverstoff 58 years old, from Russia, he said he spent 
four months in Russia, St. Petersburg to shoot, during which he took countless pictures related to the 
subject matter, and ultimately he selected from these photos Hundreds of pieces of their most 
satisfied with the work of editing a photo album.

Dog is the most faithful friend of mankind, this is a recognized fact, but what makes these lovely 
guy and we humans so close, this is Andy want to express through their own lens language core